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Guide and Index to “Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson”
, 2nd edition

Cover Photo of the Guide & Index The Guide and Index is a reference work which is invaluable for any intensive study of Gurdjieff’s major published work. This second edition of the Guide and Index has been revised and expanded so that it can also be used with either the original 1950 edition of Beelzebub’s Tales or with the 1992 edition (currently out-of-print) which is a revised translation with entirely different page numbers.  The Guide and Index can be used with any reprint of the 1950 edition including the currently available 1999 Penguin/Arkana paperback. The Guide and Index also includes:

•  the original Russian spelling for all of Gurdjieff’s
   uniquely created words
•  a suggested pronunciation for these and other words
•  editorial notes on words from Eastern cultures and languages
   which may be unfamiliar to the average Western reader

The page numbers of the 1992 edition as well as any significant variations in wording from the 1950 edition are presented in a contrasting type face. To facilitate the use of the Guide and Index with editions of Beelzebub’s Tales in other languages, page correlation tables which correlate the page numbers of the 1950 English edition with page numbers of all the language editions are included.

ISBN: 0-919608-12-4, hardcover only

CDN$60.00; US$60.00